Recommended Supplements/Services

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On this page you’re going to find all the supplements and services that I Personally use or highly believe in. The supplements/services are for the following subjects:

  • Weight gain
  • Muscle building & recovery
  • Training enhancement
  • Weight loss & Health benefits
  • Free meal plans

Weight Gain

 Mass Gainer

Mass Gainer is perfect for hard gainers. 2 scoops of mass gainer has 1250 calories! Packed with protein and carbs, EASY CALORIES.

Check out my personal favorite here!

Weight Loss

Meditation for weight loss has become SUPER popular over the last year, and there is a good reason why. It completely changes your relationship with food, and that is something I think is amazing. 

Check out this Free Ebook to get you started.

Muscle building & recovery

 Whey Protein

Whey protein helps your damaged muscle tissue repair and helps your muscle grow. 1 scoop of 24 grams of protein after your workout or at any time of the day. Whey protein makes it so much easier to get your protein in, especially when your protein intake is very high.

My recommended Whey protein

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is probably the most researched supplement out there, that is ofcourse for a reason. Creatine is a supplement that you Can always use, wheter you’re cutting or bulking. Creatine enhances your endurance in the gym. So after a couple of weeks of using creatine you could do 8 reps instead of 6.

My favorite Creatine

 Vegan Protein Powder

A large portion of my loyal liveforlifts visitors are vegan and this is not only my favorite, but also from MANY others. This vegan protein shake option is not only an complete protein it also has 25 grams of protein per scoop and 6 grams of BCAA.

Shop my favorite vegan protein

Post Workout

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a dietary supplement for professional athletes who want to support the body’s regeneration process after training. Due to a large dose of proteins, amino acids, and casein, the product reduces muscle pain and accelerates its build-up.

Buy it here:

Training enhancement


Pre workouts are great for when you’re low on energy and you need to get through tough workout. Pre workouts usually contain 3 ingrediënts: Caffeine, creatine and .. all of this together gives you that great pump in the gym.

My favorite pre-workout

Health & weight loss benefits

AVC ( Apple cider vinegar ) has been talked about many times on this page, because of it’s weight loss effect. AVC has many other health benefits such as lower cholesterol, repair your metabolism and many more.

Keto Diet Program

The Custom Keto Diet is the PERFECT program if you are a beginner of the keto diet. This program offers 8 weeks of fully customized meal plans for your weight loss goals. You’re also assigned to a personal coach that offers 24/7 assistance.

Download the 19 FREE Keto recipes Ebook if you want to see what your keto diet could look like.

Vincent Sorel

Vincent Sorel

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7-Days of Meals to start your lean bulk right!

Sounds good, right?

7-Days of Meals To Start Your Bulk Right!

Sounds good, right?

7-Days of Meals to start your Weight loss Journey!