Best Supplements for muscle gain!

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Supplements can be a great addition to your training and nutrition plans. They can expendentially enhance your training experience and make you gain muscle faster then without usage. NOTE: Supplements are not to be used instead of a good diet. Certain supplements can take your training to the next level and make it easier to hit your daily protein intake which will make you gain muscle and recover faster.

In this article I’m going to share my personal favourite supplements to gain muscle and supplements that make you go harder in the gym. I’m going to show you supplements for different types of goals:

  • Hard gainers ( can’t put on weight fast)  
  • Cutting ( maintain muscle while dieting)
  • Training enhancements
  • Recovery
  • Pure muscle building
If your completely new to fitness and bodybuilding I suggest you read my article on how to gain muscle as a natural lifter where I show you all the basics.

Hard gainers

Defenition of a hard gainer: These people are eating as much as they can, but can’t seem to put on weight which is neccesary to put on muscle. There are great supplements to make it easier to get those calories in, these come in the form of weight gainers. As said in the begininng, supplements are not to used as a diet replacement, so just as a addition to your diet.

What are weight gainers and which one is the best. Weight gainer is basically a whole meal in the form of a shake. Most shakes contain around 600 calories per scoop. The recommended intake is 2 scoops, that’s around 1200 calories and it only takes a couple of minutes to down that so easy calories perfect way to gain weight.

Optimum High protein weight gainer

High protein weight gain powder 1,250 calories per serving in water; 1,630 calories when made with low fat milk. 50g protein. 253g of carbohydrates Supporting of intense workouts and aid in the replenishment of intense workouts and aid in the replenishment of glycogen stores

Check out Optimum weight gainer here

Cutting (maintain your muscle)

Let’s get 1 thing straight, there is no product that is going to make you lose weight. There are supplements that can help you lose weight or make dieting easier. Products such as ‘fat burner’  don’t actually make you burn fat, but what they do is, they make you feel like your full which leads to you eating less. That why I put fat burners in a quote, because I don’t believe in them and don’t recommend them on this page.

Supplements I do believe in that assist you in losing weight and can also help you build muscle and recover are Creatine and your well know whey protein shakes. Whey protein shakes are low in carbs and high in protein which is a good combination when it comes to weight loss. They help your muscles recover faster and then assist in building new muscle. 

With muscle building you’re tearing up muscle tissue, in order to recover and build new muscle tissue. You need to eat good quality protein, protein shakes are a quick and effective way of getting that protein in. Whey protein shakes are also absorbed faster then meat protein, therefor great to take after your workout.

My favourite whey protein

Although I’m not a fan of low carb diets I highly suggest taking a potein shake daily if you’re lifting weights in the gym. Protein shakes makes your muscles recover and repair and grow muscle tissue faster. Protein shakes usually contain at minimum 20 grams of protein and around 3-5 grams of carbs. Most brands deliver great quality protein, but always check before buying if it’s good quality protein and if it’s a complete protein especially with vegan proteins.


Creatine is a product that is probably the most researched product on the market, but still are their differences in opinions when it comes to usage and results. 

Creatine is the number-one supplement for improving performance in the gym. Studies show that it can increase muscle mass, strength and exercise performance.

Creatine is a substance that is found naturally in muscle cells. It helps your muscles produce energy during heavy lifting or high-intensity exercise. It takes about 1kg of meat to achieve 1 scoop ( 5 grams ) of creatine!

Taking creatine as a supplement is very popular among athletes and bodybuilders in order to gain muscle, enhance strength and improve exercise performance.

Creatine also helps you gain muscle in the following ways:

  • Boosted workload: Enables more total work or volume in a single training session, which is a key factor in long-term muscle growth Trusted Source.
  • Improved cell signaling: Can increase satellite cell signaling, which aids muscle repair and new muscle growth.Trusted Source
  • Raised anabolic hormones: Studies note a rise in hormones, such as IGF-1, after taking creatine.
  • Increased cell hydration: Lifts water content within your muscle cells, which causes a cell volumization effect that may play a role in muscle growth.
  • Reduced protein breakdown: May increase total muscle mass by reducing muscle breakdown.
  • Lower myostatin levels: Elevated levels of the protein myostatin can slow or totally inhibit new muscle growth. Supplementing with creatine can reduce these levels, increasing growth potential 


This one isn’t one for muscle building, BUT this one does make you go harder in the gym and pull you through tough workouts which does lead to overall muscle gain.

While countless formulas exist, there’s little consistency in terms of ingredients. Amino acids, B vitamins, caffeine, creatine, and artificial sweeteners are often included, but quantities can vary widely depending on the brand.


is frequently used in pre-workout supplements to increase energy and focus.

One of the most popular stimulants, caffeine may improve mental alertness, exercise performance, and fat burning


Creatine is found naturally found in the body and is know to boost your energy and muscular strenght.


BCAAs ( Branched-chain amino acids)  are essential amino acids, meaning they are not made in the body, yet they constitute more than one third of the protein found in human muscle tissue! Rich dietary sources of BCAAs include dairy, egg, meat, poultry and fish. 

Supplemental BCAAs are also widely available and often used within the context of sports nutrition. BCAAs are unique because, unlike most other amino acids, they are primarily metabolized within the muscle itself, as opposed to being broken down by the liver. That has two important implications for performance:

  • Rapidly Absorbed: BCAAs enter the bloodstream rapidly, bypass breakdown in the liver, and are readily taken up by active tissues (mainly muscle), and
  • More Fuel: BCAAs provide an additional fuel source for working muscle, as BCAA breakdown for energy increases during prolonged exercise (Shimomura et al., 2006). BCAAs also play an important role in overall protein turnover, which is to say they help regulate whether the body is in a recovery (tissue building) or catabolic (tissue breakdown) 
Vincent Sorel

Vincent Sorel

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