11 Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally!

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Having low testosterone could seriously affect your muscle-building journey, but also your daily life as it can cause some serious health issues. There are many things that can cause having low testosterone and in this post, I’m showing you a couple. More importantly, I’m going to show you 11 ways to increase your testosterone naturally.

By increasing your testosterone naturally you can seriously increase the quality of your life, but also increase your muscle mass.

Please take note that not all ways have the same amount of increase, but by adding them all up you could see some serious results in testosterone levels!

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What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone found in humans, as well as in other animals. For men, the testicles primarily make testosterone. Women’s ovaries also make testosterone, though in much smaller amounts.

You often hear that for men testosterone drops when they reach the age of 30, the production of testosterone starts when teens hit puberty. 

Testosterone is most often associated with sex drive and plays a vital role in sperm production. It also affects bone and muscle mass, the way men store fat in the body, and even red blood cell production. So it plays a big role in how much muscle mass you wil put on over the years.

Signs of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone levels can have the following symptoms:
  • decreased sex drive
  • less energy
  • weight gain
  • feelings of depression
  • mood swings
  • low self-esteem
  • less body hair
  • thinner bones
You can increase your testosterone naturally with the 11 ways listed below!

How To Increase Testosterone naturally, Plus Causes

Luckily there are excellent natural ways to increase your body’s testosterone, here are my favorites.

1. Training

Multiple studies have shown that males who workout and males who don´t workout have significant differences in testosteron levels. 

Studies show that men who do not lift weights and live a sedentary lifestyle have a decrease in testosterone of 12%. Males who do lift weights in the gym have an increase in testosterone of 20%.

Even though cardio boosts testosterone levels and so does regular weight training, you want to focus on heavier compound movements. Such as:

  • Deadlift
  • Squat
  • Bench press
  • Military overhead press

Focussing on heavy compound exercises causes a secretion of testosterone later on in the day because of recovery. What actually happens is right after your weight training, your testosterone levels plummet.

A lot of people will tell you that testosterone levels increase right after your workout, wrong. They decrease for quite some time. There’s one study that took a group of participants over the course of four weeks, they had them implement heavy weight training.

Well, 40% increase in testosterone after four weeks of introducing heavy compound movements. Additionally, if cardio’s your game, do some high intensity interval training. We’re talking like 90 seconds on, one minute off. That’s the best kind of ratio.

how to boost testosterone

2. Increase Cholesterol Levels

Without boring you and making things too difficult, I’m quickly going to explain why good cholesterol is necessary for increasing your testosterone levels.

The most common reason why men over 30 have a decrease in testosterone levels is because of ”Leydig cells”

Leydig cells are down in the testes that converts the ”LH” and the ”FSH” into a usable form of testosterone by combing it with cholesterol.

Now, if we increase our cholesterol we can at least increase the potential of converting more testosterone. Once you get older the cells in your body get smaller you need to make sure you’re getting the right kind of cholesterol and increasing your good healthy cholesterol. 

This way you have a better chance of hanging on to that good cholesterol and converting them into testosterone. 

Ways to increase good cholesterol levels:

  • Avoid trans-fats
  • Have an alcoholic beverage ( linked to increasing HDL, don’t start drinking because of this reason… )
  • Quit smoking
how to increase testosterone

3. Dietary Fat intake

In your body, your testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol. So if you have less cholesterol coming in you’re going to have a lesser amount of it to serve as a precursor for testosterone synthesis

This is because our bodies can actually synthesize our own cholesterol. This does not mean you can decimate your body’s dietary fat intake without repercussion.

Some studies have shown that when going from a high-fat diet to a low-fat diet testosterone levels have decreased, but the level of decrease wasn’t that huge but also not little.

The second tip is to have your fat intake predominantly in the morning!

Good sources of fat would be from meats or supplementing with omega-3s

You want to have your fats when your brain is already stimulating that GNRH pulse.

4. Low calorie diets

This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but if you’re familiar with dieting down and cut a substantial amount of calories for a longer period of time you’ve noticed that it doesn’t feel all that great.

Studies have shown that men who ate fewer amounts of calories under the circumstances of serious physical exercise, and sleep restriction had a 30% greater decrease in testosterone levels than the men who had more calories.

So, in order to maintain the highest amount of testosterone when dieting, please DON’T starve yourself! Start with reducing your daily caloric intake with a 300 to a max of 500 calorie deficit.

This is one of the best ways to increase your testosterone naturally.

increase testosterone naturally

5. Obesity

Higher levels of body fat are actually problematic when it comes to your hormones, therefore your testosterone as one.

Multiple studies have shown that body mass index is inversely correlated to your testosterone levels. 

Another reason is that body fat which being another energy storage mechanism also has the ability to convert certain substances, one of those is testosterone being converted. 

This also called aromatization into estrogen. When we look at women, we think of higher levels of estrogen and lower levels of testosterone, and typically higher levels of body fat. 

That’s the big difference between men and women, if we look at male and female body fat levels we notice a huge difference. For example, 12% body fat on a male is perfectly fine and you look great, but for a female, it’s already super low and could cause serious health issues.

Therefore, I recommend for men to stay around in between 10-20% of body fat to maintain health and testosterone levels!

Should I cut or bulk

6. Supplements

The supplement is want to talk about is, creatine. Now, we all know about the bodybuilding benefits creatine has for the body. Creatine allows you to get stronger, or do a few more reps, and additional intramuscular water retention. 

Creatine is a natural product and is found in meat, therefore a perfect way to increase your testosterone naturally.

But does it give additional improvements on your natural testosterone levels?

Studies have shown that it could have a small improvement to your test levels, but the results aren’t that spectacular. One study showed a 15% increase in serum testosterone concentrations after supplementing with creatine loading for about 7 days. 

This won’t be anything you’re going to tremendously notice, especially when you already have normal testosterone levels, but look at it this way once you’re going to add up all these small changes and additions it can make a big difference.

7. Sex / Masturbation

You might think that having sex often, or masturbating often must mean that your testosterone levels are high or will increase. 

But in fact, the opposite happens, in reality, your testosterone levels will deplete when overly en frequently masturbation. This is going to result in an overall lower blood concentration.

increase testosterone naturally

8. Intermittent fasting

If you’ve been following this page for a while then you know how passionate I am about intermittent fasting, and once again IF comes clutch for another health benefit.

Intermittent fasting. Why? Simply because intermittent fasting works on something called leptin. Leptin is a hormone that is involved in the hunger process of our body, so when we eat, leptin is produced.

Leptin also helps us burn some fat. When we downregulate leptin, we can actually allow our bodies to burn more fat, but also boost a little bit of testosterone.

Intermittent fasting causes a decrease in body fat, and there’s also a direct correlation between lower body fat and higher T levels. It constantly exponentially grows from there.

9. Focus on your brain health

Focus on getting in the right kind of fat. Having the right amounts of omega-3s versus omega-6s. 

Even mediation could potentially have great amounts of improvement on your brain health and could have some serious impact on your testosterone.

Your brain health is the absolute key when it comes to your testosterone levels.

10. Vitamin D

The next way that you can boost your testosterone, make sure you’re getting your vitamin D, whether you’re getting that out in the sunlight, or you’re supplementing it.

You see, vitamin D has a strong correlation with our hormone values because it is a hormone. Studies have shown that people that take about 3,000 IU’s of vitamin D per day, end up with 25% higher testosterone levels.

Now, all the mechanism is kind of not known, except for the fact that vitamin D does have somewhat of an adipogenic balancing effect on all of our hormones.

11. Sleep

Studies are now showing that if you are lacking sleep, you could be suffering from a 60% loss of testosterone.

Those that got four hours of sleep versus eight hours of sleep, the ones that got four hours had 60% less testosterone than those that got eight. So yeah, you wouldn’t think that sleep plays such a big role.

Make sure you’re getting that sleep, make sure you’re getting those fasting days in now and then, make sure that you’re focusing on your vitamin D and your sunlight, and also make sure you are lifting heavy.

Foods That Boost Testosterone and Lower Estrogen

Estrogen is known as the “female” hormone. Testosterone is known as the “male” hormone. Although each hormone is identified with a specific sex, both are found in women and men. On average, women have higher levels of estrogen and men have more testosterone.
Symptoms of high estrogen in men include:
  • Infertility. Estrogen is partly responsible for creating healthy sperm. When estrogen levels are high, sperm levels may fall and lead to fertility issues.
  • GynecomastiaEstrogen may stimulate breast tissue growth. Men with too much estrogen may develop gynecomastia, a condition that leads to larger breasts.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED). Men with high levels of estrogen may have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.

Foods that boost testosterone and lower estrogen.

  • Low-fat milk
  • Cruciferous Vegetables ( like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, turnips, and cabbage )
  • Egg Yolks
  • Fortified cereals
  • Pomegranates
  • Beans
  • Tuna
  • Oysters
  • Spinach
  • Shellfish
  • Beef
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