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Hey, I’m Vincent Sorel. I’m determined to help people get in their best shape possible!

My only question is, will that be you?



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My weight loss Journey!
The ups and downs

Read my story below!

When I was born I was a big boy, so the expectations always were that I was gonna be big later on in my life. And so it happened. At my heaviest I was 134kg, with a body fat level of around 30%, that was at 18-19 years old! at that point, I realized that something had to happen and this couldn’t go on any longer. That’s when I decided to hit the gym 6 days a week, this didn’t last long, because it was just WAY too much for my body to handle. I decided to reduce my training to 3-4 times a week and focus more on my diet (which is more important than training!) and the results were amazing and ADDICTING. Now fast forward 3 years and a lot of struggling later and I’ve down around 50 kgs and put on a good amount of muscle.

Losing 50 kgs isn’t easy and definitely not as easy as these gurus online tell you it’s going to be. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. As I’ve said in my weight loss story I went to the gym 3-4 times in the beginning. Then realized very quickly that losing weight is more in nutrition than the actual cardio and weight training. I figured out how many calories and macronutrients I should be eating on a daily basis. These calories alone should make me lose weight, but on top of my nutrition, I decided to do cardio 2-3 times a week to burn extra calories, plus, weight training on all days.

Dealing with setbacks: I didn’t lose 50kgs in one long run, I have had many setbacks. There were many weekends where I had parties or just wanted to binge-watch my favorite show and eat ‘shitty’ foods. It’s not always a bad thing to have a ‘cheat meal’ or ‘cheat day’ because if you are eating in a caloric deficit for a long time your body is going to adapt to those calories and therefore it’s good to give your body a boost in calories to reset your system.

I’ve made many mistakes when I first started and on this page, I really want to prevent you from making these same mistakes.

One of the most common mistakes everyone makes (including me) is doing too much cardio. 

When you’re already eating low calories and then doing a lot of cardio on top of that it can lead to burning muscle instead of body fat.

Not hitting the weights:

Doing weight training makes your body burns calories for an extra 24-28 hours, as cardio which doesn’t.

Cutting calories way to fast:

I thought if I would just eat 1800 calories a day I would lose weight super quick, which I did, but it’s not sustainable and you can’t really lower your calories anymore. Increasing my calories a little and doing some more cardio has worked really well.

transformation vincent

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#1 Client Transformation

This is Thomas his epic muscle-building transformation.

Thomas reached out to me about 6 months ago telling me that he has been training and trying to gain weight for about 1.5 years now. Despite his dedication when it comes to his diet and training, gaining weight was still a real struggle. 

I then offered to help him out, making him a personalized custom meal plan designed to make him gain weight and muscle.

Dedicated as Thomas is, has now 6 months later gained 10 kgs and put on great amounts of muscle. We’re currently still doing 1 on 1 coaching trying to cut down to see the actual amount of muscle he has put on over the past 1.5 – 2 years of resistance training and bulking!

Do you want me to help you build muscle or lose weight please send me a message at:

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Sounds good, right?

7-Days of Meals to start your lean bulk right!

Sounds good, right?

7-Days of Meals To Start Your Bulk Right!

Sounds good, right?

7-Days of Meals to start your Weight loss Journey!